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Conquer the galaxy by sending ships from your planet to others. Easy peasy isn't it?

Use your mouse to select planets and target enemy planets to set your ships free. Once the population counter of a planet goes below 0 - it will change ownership.
Owned planets generate Research Points (RP) which you can use to upgrade your tech tree on the knowledge hub.
Ah and you might want to buy some missiles as planetary defense of each planet.

There is a campaign mode (with some more events/elements) and a random (quick start) or skirmish (custom game) mode.

There is NO profile yet, so what campaigns you won is stored in your savegame - use that as progress.

Campaigns are written in plain XML - so you might want to add your own (especially with the ... Solar Support and Rebel features).

Controls: Mouse driven, use right click (or Escape key) to abort/exit a menu/screen. If the pixel flickering of some elements annoys you then hit "c" once to disable color alternation (I used it rarely but still... who knows). It flickers more the less Hz your screen has). 

Use F5 to quicksave and F8 to quickload.

Side note: The game was written for the "8 BIT WARS"-competition at Syntaxbomb.com which took place from January 25th to March 31st 2019.

The download version here (v1.0.4) contains some additional fixes, new controls (middle mouse click to scroll the map or keep it down for dragging). It also adds a new experimental audio backend to get rid of some dependencies (especially on Linux).

Source code: Genus Prime @ Github


Buy Now$2.95 USD or more

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Very well made little game with a wonderful c64-atmosphere and challenging gameplay! I really like it, well done! :)


Thanks for your comment. Really appreciate it. Nice beans you like it.